My Woman’s Men

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Han-cheol, a lover who works at an architectural firm, and Min-ji, an innocent daycare teacher, are about to get married. In order to raise funds for her marriage, she visits her senior, Hyeon-jeong, who is living a double life as an office girl, and is introduced to her news manager. She struggles with a shameful interview in front of a press chief, but she eventually decides to put down all her ego and go to work. She is lucky to meet a human male customer Geun-ho from the first customer…. Min-ji begins to fall in love with her regular customer, Geun-ho. Eventually, she decides to end her marriage to Han-cheol. Geun-ho, who had already approached him as a man rather than a customer, was none other than the boss of Han Cheol, the man he was about to marry, and the lover of his senior sister, Hyeon-jeong. Hyeonjeong and Geun-ho find out about her office girl life and Geun-ho’s relationship…

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